Diarch 2021.1.3 (1.17 Update) (Hotfix)

  • Misc
    • Most of core diarch systems have been upgraded to 1.17
    • Stimmy is now auto applied to qualifying players
    • trade system temporarily removed
  • Hotbar System
    • Live maintenance notifications now show on the players Hotbar
    • Login messages have been integrated into a players Hotbar and will no longer cause them to lag
  • Tablist
    • Tablist has been updated with a new look
    • Tablist now shows what realm a player is in.
  • Vehicles
    • Storage vehicles have been added (can be made by shift right clicking a boat or a minecart)
      • Other vehicles have been removed due to 1.17 rewrite
  • Realms
    • Survival realm is now the default realm
      • Grave system has been added
    • Gun Realm is currently in maintenance as the remainder of the extended diarch systems are updated to 1.17
      • Shops will remain online, and accessible via /warp shops
      • Graves system has been added
    • Creative Realm has been updated to 1.17
      • Creative realm has new paths

Diarch 2021.1.2 (Hotfix)

  • Hotfix will now show some detail when hovered over
  • Fixes bug where inventory may be duplicated, or deleted when transferring between survival, diarch or creative.
  • updated (toggleable) swear filter to work for all realms
  • Fixed resource pack being reapplied after changing realms
  • Fixed stimulus (stimmy) not working under some conditions
    • only works on diarch, not diarch survival
  • Removed autorank up system to be replaced by a in house plugin

Diarch 2021.1.1 (Hotfix)

Patch Notes

  • Misc
    • All 3 worlds now run on a unified build of our core plugin (CharCore)
    • Stimulus program has been added to jump start Diarch economy, this is available for all returning players (even those with a preexisting balance)
    • All 3 worlds are now synced into Discord Via Apu, Gropyer fren, and Diarch Bot
  • Gamemodes
    • Players will no longer be put into survival mode on join of the Creative World
  • Tablist
    • Tablist now syncs between worlds correctly, including tags such as AFK, PVP, and Creative.